Our Roots

The Armenian Church is considered as a true Apostolic Church because through the teachings of the Apostles Thaddeus and Bartholomew the Gospel first came to Armenia in the first century A.D. n Christianity was proclaimed as the state religion by King Dertad in the year 301 A.D.

The First Armenian Church edifice which is still in use was built in Etchmiadzin, near Yerevan, Armenia. The Armenian Apostolic Church is also called the “lousavorchagan” Church because of Krikor, named Lousavorich (illuminator) who was the First Armenian Bishop.

There have been numerous movements of reform in our history. These reformers were ousted from the Apostolic Church on June 21, 1846, forcing them to form their own Church.

With only 3 women and 37 men, the first Armenian Evangelical Church was formed on July 1, 1846. They grew in number established churches, schools and colleges. But during World War I and the Armenian genocide everything was lost. Due to wars and massacres, many Armenians migrated to the United States. They established the first Armenian Evangelical Church also known the Church of the Martyrs in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1892, the first in the county.

The Armenian Evangelical Union of North America (AEUNA) was formed for mutual support and growth. By the God's grace presently AEUNA includes 24 churches, fellowships, and various associated institutions (including our church) and it is continuously growing in number and ministry.

Our History

~ The 1920s saw the rise in the Armenian community in San Francisco. ~

The services were initially held in a room at the Calvary Presbyterian Church. In 1924 Rev. S. Shanlian started preaching at the Mission YMCA. With the support of 44 devotees on November 2, 1924, a Board of Trustees was elected. The meetings didn't last long but people persevered in their endeavors for regular Armenian services.

People holding independent services joined the group and under the leadership of Rev. Kartozian, the church soon became a reality. They united with the Congregational faith and the name of Calvary Armenian Congregational Church was adopted on March 19, 1926. The Church's anniversary is celebrated on this date every year.

After holding services at rented facilities for 21 years in the year 1947 a structure on 38th Avenue was purchased. This structure served as our “Church Home” for many years. Even after becoming a part of the United Church of Christ on November 17, 1963, our Church retained its congregational name and self-government.

Our present location at 725 Brotherhood Way was acquired in 1980. We bid farewell to the old address with a service on the last Sunday in January 1980.

The congregation terminated membership in the United Church of Christ in October 1995, mainly for their views on Scripture and its teachings.

We are thankful to God by HIS grace our Calvary is now over 90 years of age We believe that “With God, all things are possible” (Mark 10:27).

Our present location: 725 Brotherhood Way San Francisco, California 94132-2902